Does sitting down or standing for long periods of time cause varicose veins?

We are very aware that embarking on a course of private medical treatment can be an anxious time for some people, particularly if you are funding your own treatment. It can be difficult to work out in advance, how expensive the treatment will be, particularly as many vein clinics will only give you an estimate of cost once you have been seen by one of their consultants. Often a combination of different treatments are required, with each one incurring a separate charge, and costs can soon mount up.

At the Cornwall Vein Clinic our pricing is transparent and clearly displayed on our website. You are unlikely to be faced with unexpected additional costs, as we aim to treat all the veins that you are concerned about in a single visit, and even if this requires more than one treatment technique on the day it will not result in additional charges. We know that in a review of 1300 patients treated by our surgeons, almost 90 per cent of patients had their veins treated in a single endothermal treatment, and overall only 25 per cent required further minor ‘tidy up’ injections carried out in the out-patient clinic.

You can therefore be confident that the prices displayed on our website are the prices that you will pay, and your surgeon will endeavor to complete your treatment in a single visit whenever possible.

If you’re interested in having your vein condition can be assessed and an appropriate treatment advised, get in touch to book a consultation.

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