Two new treatments launched at Cornwall Vein Clinic

Cornwall Vein Clinic is introducing two new keyhole treatments for varicose veins, that avoid the need for multiple local anaesthetic injections during the treatment, and are potentially quicker to carry out. Both techniques are similar to existing techniques as they involve placing a catheter in the vein through a small incision in the calf or lower thigh, made under local anaesthetic.

ClariVein™ for varicose veins

In one technique, endovenous mechanochemical ablation (Clarivein™) a tube with a rotating hollow wire at its tip is inserted through the skin into the affected vein in the leg using ultrasound guidance. As the tube is pulled back out of the vein, the wire is rotated, damaging the lining of the vein. At the same time a chemical is injected through the hollow wire into the vein. The vein becomes inflamed, and then shrivels and closes.

Varicose veins treated with glue occlusion

The aim of the other technique called cyanoacrylate glue occlusion is to close a varicose vein by sticking its walls together. The cyanoacrylate glue is put into the affected vein via a special tube inserted into the vein at the knee and passed to the top of the great saphenous vein, using ultrasound to guide it. This treatment doesn’t require bandages to be worn afterwards and skin staining is very rare.

Both these techniques can only treat one leg per treatment visit and have the same potential complications as the established keyhole treatments, but there is not yet enough information available about these techniques to say if these complications are any more likely, or if the success rate of these treatments is any lower. We are excited to be bringing these techniques to Cornwall, as the will be particularly suited to individuals who don’t cope very well with injections.

For more information on all the treatments we offer for removal of varicose veins, get in touch to book a consultation.

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