How NOT to treat varicose veins

On your search for varicose vein treatments, you’ll come across all kinds of recommended solutions. From natural remedies to supposed miracle cures – the varicose vein treatment market is huge and there’s plenty of companies keen to cash in.

Varicose veins are unsightly, can cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment and many sufferers are scared they’ll have to undergo surgery to have them removed. So, it’s understandable they are often tempted by the alternative options recommended. However, many of these aren’t just ineffective, they can also be potentially dangerous.

Here, we’ll look at some of the treatment options you may have considered which should be avoided:

Tattoos – the cover up solution

Why undergo treatment when you don’t have to? Tattoos can seem like a great way to cover up those unsightly veins. While it’s true that it isn’t considered dangerous to tattoo over varicose veins, it certainly doesn’t help the problem.
Even if you manage to cover up the cosmetic issue, varicose veins can be dangerous when left untreated. You’ll still have the underlying issues of poor circulation and pooling of blood. So, if that isn’t treated, not only won’t these veins disappear, but they could lead to worse issues further down the line.

There’s also the fact that tattooing over varicose veins is going to be really uncomfortable. There’s also a chance the tattoo will look distorted, it could rupture the veins and it increases the risk of infection. So, when you compare the benefits of tattooing over varicose veins to the risks, it’s simply not worth it.

Massage therapy

massage treatment for varicose veinsAs massage is known to boost circulation, it’s logical to consider it as a way to minimise varicose veins. However, did you know massaging over the area could actually exacerbate the problem? For this reason, many therapists will even refuse to massage over any bulging veins a patient may have.

Natural, miracle cures

Now, there are a few natural remedies which can soothe varicose veins, but they should never be used as an actual treatment option. There’s also far too many scam products out there which will prove to be both ineffective and a waste of money. Basically, any product which claims to be a miracle cure for varicose veins should be avoided.

So, what should you do? Well, covering up the problem is fine for a while, but if you want to ensure your varicose veins don’t lead to more serious health problems, proper treatment will be required. This doesn’t have to mean surgery. In fact, the majority of patients find they only need minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments.

If you’re worried about varicose veins and you want to safely eliminate them once and for all, contact the Cornwall Vein Clinic today.