Does venous disease progress over time?

varicose vein treatment optionsVenous disease is extremely common in the UK, though the majority of sufferers are unaware of the dangers it presents.

Varicose veins are often seen as a simple cosmetic issue, so for those who don’t have any uncomfortable symptoms, they often think it doesn’t really need to be treated.

The trouble is, venous disease can worsen over time. So, while the bulging veins may only appear to be a frustrating cosmetic issue, if left untreated they could worsen and cause further issues down the line.

Why venous disease should always be treated ASAP

So, just how much worse could venous disease become if it is left untreated? Well, in extreme cases the blockage and blood flow issues causing the bulging veins could lead to blood clots. These can travel up through the blood stream, into the heart, causing a potentially fatal heart attack.

Now, that may be rare, but it can happen. At the very least however, the veins will simply continue to bulge out more and look worse over time. Swelling will also start to occur, and the legs will start to ache. There’s also the chance open sores will develop, along with ulcers. So, it becomes more uncomfortable the longer you leave them.

There’s also the fact that the longer you leave venous disease untreated, the harder it is to correct. There are a lot of non-invasive treatments available these days which can safely and practically painlessly eliminate the problem before it progresses.

However, if left until they become too severe, surgery may be the only option.

Early varicose vein treatment options

The main benefit of getting venous disease treated as soon as possible, besides the obvious cosmetic benefit, is it will be much simpler to correct.

There are lots of different treatments available, with early options including injections and laser treatment. The exact treatment which will be most beneficial for you will be determined during an initial consultation.

Overall, venous disease may seem like a simple frustrating and embarrassing concern, but it could lead to much worse health issues if left untreated. With so many great non-invasive treatment options available these days, it makes sense to seek treatment as soon as possible.