By 2021, varicose vein treatment market is expected to see significant growth

varicose vein market growthA new market report has estimated the global varicose vein treatment market will undergo radical growth by the year 2021.
The value of the market is estimated to reach a staggering $400 million, with numerous factors contributing to its growth. So, why is the market growing so much?

Better treatments and consumer awareness contribute to significant growth

The two major reasons why such significant growth is expected in the varicose vein industry, is the variety of much better treatments on offer and growing consumer awareness.

The days have gone where varicose veins could only be treated by surgical stripping. The procedure, which was known to lead to long recovery times and extreme discomfort, has been replaced by innovative, non-invasive techniques. Up until recently, many varicose vein sufferers weren’t aware that newer treatments existed. So, the fact it’s now possible to undergo a relatively quick routine with minimal downtime, has significantly increased treatment rates.

There’s also been more awareness raised of the potential issues varicose veins present. While the majority of varicose veins are harmless, they do have the possibility to turn into a more serious health condition. For this reason, it is safer to have the veins treated as early as possible.

New varicose vein treatments continue to be developed

While varicose vein treatments are certainly come a long way over the years, there are still new treatments being constantly developed.

The Cornwall Vein Clinic has recently added a new, innovative radiofrequency treatment known as Venefit™ or the VNUS Closure procedure to its range of treatments. Compared to surgical procedures, the new version is virtually painless and it offers much more targeted results, reducing the risk of damage to nearby tissues.

Varicose vein treatment in the UK

In the UK, we have also seen a marked increase in patients seeking private treatments for varicose veins as the it is increasingly unlikely to receive treatment on the NHS purely for cosmetic reasons.

Typically, patients will be advised by their GP to try compression stockings, lifestyle changes and resting the legs and will only be referred if the varicose veins are causing such discomfort that it’s impacting on your ability to work, carry out normal activities, affecting your sleep or is resulting in ulceration and bleeding.

However, many patients are understandably not keen to wait until their varicose veins worsen to this point and are keen to find a solution which can guarantee a greatly improved aesthetic appearance to their legs.