Understanding Varicose Veins in Younger Patients

varicose veins in younger patientsVaricose veins are typically associated with old age. However, the truth is they can strike at any age, including in those who are 30 or younger. It could be that you’re genetically more likely to develop varicose veins, or they could develop due to pregnancy or down to numerous lifestyle factors.

Here, we’ll look at why varicose veins are becoming more prevalent in younger patients and what can be done to combat them.

More younger people than ever before are developing varicose veins

While young people have never been immune to developing varicose veins, there does appear to have been an increase in recent years, in the number affected by the condition. Some experts believe this is down to younger people leading a much more sedentary lifestyle.

In a digital age where younger people now spend a lot of time staring at smartphones and watching TV box sets, it has resulted in many developing conditions usually associated with old age. Lack of activity and sitting for long periods of time can contribute towards the development of varicose veins.

It isn’t just varicose veins younger people are starting to develop. Medical professionals have also seen an increase in the number of younger patients seeking treatment for back pain and knee pain, along with haemorrhoids.

Prevention and treatment of varicose veins

While genetic cases of varicose veins in younger patients cannot be prevented, the majority could be. The key is to stay as active as possible. Limit the amount of time you spend sat or standing in one place. Ensuring you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet will also help to prevent them.

If you do develop varicose veins, it’s beneficial to get them treated as quickly as possible. This will stop them from worsening over time. It will also prevent the need for more invasive treatments. The earlier varicose veins are diagnosed and treated, the less invasive the treatment will need to be.

Overall, varicose veins are becoming more frequent in younger patients so it’s important to recognise the signs. If you suspect you are suffering with the condition, you should speak to your doctor or attend a specialist vein clinic for a consultation.  Varicose veins may seem like solely a cosmetic issue, but if left untreated they can actually go on to develop into a more serious condition.