Could Centella Asiatica Prevent Varicose Veins?

herbal remedy for varicose veinsIn your search for varicose vein remedies, you’re likely to come across Centella Asiatica. It’s even being dubbed as an anti-ageing super herb which is likely to take the beauty industry by storm this year. While it’s largely being recommended as a remedy for cellulite and anti-aging, the herb is also said to have impressive benefits for those suffering with varicose veins.

So, could Centella Asiatica prevent varicose veins and could it potentially treat the condition?

What is Centella Asiatica?

Centella Asiatica is a flowering herb, consisting of 70% triterpenic acids. It’s native to Asia and is most often used in Myanmar and Sri Lanka cooking. It’s also frequently consumed in tea form in Thailand.

The herb is said to have a staggering 47 proven health benefits, which has led companies to develop all kinds of Centella Asiatica products to combat numerous health and beauty issues.

Could this herbal remedy really help with varicose veins?

The herb is said to potentially minimise varicose veins. It does this by enhancing the structure of the connective tissue, in turn reducing sclerosis and boosting blood flow throughout the legs and other affected areas. As it strengthens the veins, it could also potentially prevent varicose veins from forming.

The trouble is, there is currently no scientific evidence to back up whether or not the herb is effective at combatting varicose veins. So, while it may improve the condition, it isn’t guaranteed and it’s also not going to eliminate varicose veins completely.

Although the herb may not present any side effects in small amounts, trying out the remedy may do more harm than good. That’s because holding off on an actual treatment could cause your varicose veins to worsen.

The importance of seeking proper varicose vein treatment

While opting for herbal and other natural remedies might seem like a good idea when it comes to achieving effective and long-term management and treatment of varicose veins it is always best to choose a vein specialist.

Varicose veins are commonly thought of as a purely unsightly, cosmetic issue. However, evidence suggests when left untreated, varicose veins can worsen over time and lead to potentially dangerous health issues. In severe cases, if blood clots form and move up to the heart, they could prove lethal.

So, if you really want to banish varicose veins, it’s a much better idea to seek proper, medical treatment. There are an outstanding number of treatments available these days and some are much less invasive than you might think.