Can men develop varicose veins?

women and varicose veinsWhen you do your research into varicose veins, you’ll commonly find most of the information presented is aimed towards women. So, does this mean varicose veins solely affect women or can they affect men too?

While varicose veins are certainly more common in women, they can affect men too. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about male varicose veins.

Why is most varicose vein information geared towards women?

There’s a couple of reasons why the majority of varicose vein information tends to focus solely on women. Firstly, women are more likely to develop the condition. Not only do they generally have an increased risk of venous disease, but they also have additional risk factors such as pregnancy.

Another reason why the condition is largely female-associated is because men are less likely to seek treatment. This is because they’re not typically as likely to be bothered about the appearance of varicose veins as women are. They mistakenly, like many women, believe that varicose veins are purely cosmetic, so they don’t talk about or seek help for the condition.

However, like women, varicose veins can cause additional problems for men. So, if you are suffering from the condition, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

What issues can varicose veins cause for men?

Men suffer much in the same way as women with varicose vein symptoms. However, they may not experience the same level of discomfort as they don’t tend to have as much fluid retention within the body. Although many factors can impact the symptoms of varicose veins, fluid retention is a common trigger.

You may also start to discover brown patches developing around the varicose veins. This could pinpoint other vein conditions, which can develop if varicose veins aren’t treated.

Why it’s important to get varicose veins treated

Although you may see your varicose veins as a mere cosmetic issue, the truth is they can prove potentially dangerous. Men who are suffering from the condition are therefore advised to seek treatment as soon as possible. This will stop the condition from worsening and also enable you to opt for less invasive treatment options.

Overall, men can develop varicose veins and the symptoms are very much the same as they are in women. If you’re concerned you may have venous disease, book a consultation with us today. Our vein specialists will help to diagnose the condition, as well as create an effective treatment plan.