Could your birth control be putting you at risk of varicose veins?

birth control and varicose vein riskBirth control has many great benefits for women. Not only can it prevent you from getting pregnant, but it can also be used to treat painful conditions such as endometriosis, as well as help to regulate your cycle. However, like any drugs, birth control pills also come with a number of potential nasty side effects.

A couple of side effect you may not be aware of, are the development of varicose veins and blood clots. While it isn’t guaranteed you’ll develop either of these conditions, you still need to be aware of the risks involved. Here, you’ll discover more about the link between varicose veins and birth control.

How can birth control impact your risk of varicose veins?

Although varicose veins are a largely hereditary condition or caused by occupational hazards, there is a chance they can be triggered by birth control pills. This is because the pills contain oestrogen and progesterone hormones. These are the same hormones which are produced by the body during pregnancy.

The hormones can cause the blood flow throughout the body to slow down, in turn causing the veins to work harder to push blood back up to the heart. It is this which increases the risk of varicose veins developing.

What about blood clots?

Research has shown that blood clots aren’t caused by birth control pills. However, they can increase your risk of developing them. This again is down to the same hormones which cause the blood flow to slow down. They also increase the blood clotting factors within the body.

So, if you have a family history of deep vein thrombosis, you’ll need to talk through your birth control options with a doctor. They’ll be able to assess your risk and decide which pills would be better suited.

Can you take birth control if you already have varicose veins?

It’s typically absolutely fine to take birth control alongside varicose veins. However, it is recommended you get your varicose veins treated anyway. This is because, if you don’t the condition could worsen over time. This would lead to further complications and could prove to be extremely uncomfortable.

The earlier you seek treatment for varicose veins, the less invasive the treatment will be. So, why not book a consultation with a vein specialist today to eliminate those varicose veins once and for all?