Can witch hazel aid the symptoms of varicose veins?

If you’ve been searching for varicose vein remedies online, one solution you’ll come across is witch hazel. Commonly used for its medicinal properties, witch hazel is said to ease the aches and pains caused by varicose veins. Some sources even claim it can eliminate spider and varicose veins altogether. So, is it really a viable treatment option and could it eliminate varicose veins completely?

Can witch hazel help with varicose vein symptoms?

There have actually been a few studies conducted to determine whether witch hazel can help with varicose veins. However, no conclusive evidence has been discovered. That being said, many people have used the natural remedy to successfully ease their symptoms.

In particular, soaking a cloth with witch hazel and then applying it to the legs is said to bring instant relief. As it does contain anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel can be used to relieve swelling and aching caused by varicose veins.

Is it a good varicose vein treatment option?

While it can certainly help to ease the symptoms, witch hazel isn’t a good treatment option. This is because it simply masks the symptoms, it doesn’t actually eliminate them. So, all you’re really doing is enjoying a little respite from the symptoms, but they will keep reappearing without treatment.

Many people don’t realise that varicose veins are so much more than a cosmetic issue. They don’t just go away on their own and no natural treatments can get rid of them. In fact, if you leave the varicose veins untreated, there is a possibility they could worsen, causing potentially serious health problems. For this reason, it’s crucial you get them treated properly.

What treatments are recommended?

There are lots of effective treatments available to eliminate varicose veins. Vein stripping is still used to treat severe cases, but the majority of varicose veins can actually often be resolved with minimally invasive treatments. These can even be carried out in your lunch break.

To determine which treatment option is right for you, book a consultation with a vein specialist. They will be able to identify the severity of the condition and create a personalised treatment plan to eliminate it.