Don’t Cover Up in Shame This Summer – Eliminate Varicose Veins Now

varicose vein removal for summerWorried about baring your legs this summer because of unsightly varicose veins? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Recent research has discovered that approximately two-thirds of Brits try to cover up their legs in summer due to the shame of either stretch marks, excess weight or varicose veins.

While it is understandable to be self-conscious over unsightly veins, there are simple and effective treatment options available. Many can be done the same day and provide a long-term solution. Here, you’ll discover some of the best varicose vein treatments that can help you get those legs summer ready in no time.

Will you need varicose vein surgery?

One of the biggest factors that holds people back from seeking treatment for their varicose veins is the fear they will need to undergo surgery. It’s true that at one time, surgery was the only option available. However, these days patients have a huge choice of treatment options available and many of them are minimally-invasive procedures carried out under local anaesthetic.

It is possible you may still need surgery depending upon how severe the condition is. However, even the surgical techniques have been enhanced over the years, meaning the recovery time and risks aren’t as high as they used to be.

Non-invasive varicose vein techniques

There are many great minimally-invasive techniques available to treat varicose veins. At the Cornwall Vein Clinic, we have one of the widest choices of treatments available on the market. From laser treatment to injections and compression stockings, there are numerous non-surgical procedures you could benefit from.

Why now is the perfect time to seek varicose vein treatment

If you are wanting to bare those legs this summer, now is the perfect time to seek treatment. While it is possible to undergo same-day varicose vein treatment, this still requires some downtime and time for the results to show.

If you do need surgery, having it early in the year will ensure any swelling and bruising has gone down in time for summer; allowing you to show off those varicose vein-free legs.

So, if you’re worried about baring your legs this summer, book a consultation today and see just how easy it is to eliminate varicose veins. With so many excellent treatment options available, there really is no need to suffer in silence.