Varicose vein removal set to be one of biggest aesthetic trends of 2019

Varicose vein removal has been listed as one of the biggest aesthetic trends for 2019. Each year, we see new emerging trends within the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic market, but this is the first-time varicose vein removal has made it onto the list.

Here, we’ll look at why varicose vein removal is dominating the market this year and the treatment options available.

What’s causing the rise in varicose vein removal?

There are a few factors experts believe are leading to the rise in varicose vein removal procedures. The biggest driving factor is likely the removal of free varicose vein treatments on the NHS. In 2018, it was revealed that many NHS hospitals were no longer going to provide free varicose vein treatment. So, patients now have no other option but to opt for private treatment.

According to statistics, two-thirds of Brits admit they feel self-conscious about their bodies due to varicose or spider veins. It’s thought that the pressures of social media are also to blame for the rise in varicose vein removal treatment. There is a lot more pressure for people to look their best so unsightly varicose veins can understandably cause a lot of issues with self-esteem.

Although aesthetic concerns are driving the growth in varicose vein removal, the fact more people are seeking treatment could be a positive outcome from a health point of view. When left untreated, varicose veins can develop into a more serious issue, potentially causing blood clots which could prove fatal in severe cases.

What treatment options are available?

The treatment options available to correct varicose veins these days are comprehensive and are also a factor in why varicose vein removal is becoming ever more popular. As technology has advanced, it’s brought many new innovative techniques onto the market. Many of these are non-invasive, meaning treatment is quick, painless and requires very little, if any, downtime.

The earlier varicose vein treatment is sought, the less invasive it’s likely to be. If you’re concerned over your varicose veins, book a consultation with a vein expert today. You may be surprised just how easy it is to eliminate the condition.