Patients Suffering Due to NHS Varicose Vein Cutbacks

After the NHS announced they were withdrawing routine treatment of varicose veins last year, numerous patients have been left to suffer alone. GPs are turning away patients complaining of varicose vein symptoms, telling them they can only step in if they develop open sores. Unable to cope with the pain associated with venous disease, this has left patients with no other option than to pay for private treatment.

While varicose veins are largely associated as a cosmetic issue, they do often cause unpleasant symptoms such as itchy or aching legs, pain and even difficulty walking. When left untreated they can also become dangerous to the health, with the potential for blood clots to develop. Therefore, patients who have been turned away from their GP should look to seek out private treatment to avoid potential complications.

The impact varicose veins can have on your health

The impact varicose veins can have on the health is finally starting to be recognised. Not only can they lead to potentially life-threatening problems, but they can also have a significant impact on mental health too.

Physically, varicose veins can cause pain, itching and swelling. The severity of these symptoms can vary significantly, with some patients unable to walk, which in turn can lead to weight gain. As they can be particularly worse during the night, they can also cause issues with sleep, leading to fatigue. These physical symptoms can be difficult to live with alone, but the mental impact they can have can be equally as debilitating.

Varicose veins can lead to depression, anxiety and issues with self-confidence. Many patients cover up the veins, even in hot weather to avoid people seeing them. The physical, combined with the mental effects varicose veins can have on the health can make the condition extremely difficult to live with.

Understanding your varicose vein treatment options

There are a lot of treatment options available privately and many of them come at an affordable cost. What’s more, many of the treatments offer long-term results, making them, even more, cost effective. From compression stockings and injections to laser treatment and surgery – there are more treatment options for varicose veins available now than ever before.

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