Varicose vein warning signs to watch out for

Varicose veins can affect anyone, at any stage of their life. While you likely already know the main tell-tale sign to look out for – large, bulging visible veins – did you know there are a lot of other symptoms you could experience if you develop venous disease?

Here, we’ll look at some of the more uncommon warning signs to look out for in order to detect and treat varicose veins as soon as they become a problem.

Swelling in the legs and ankles

When varicose veins develop, the veins can become blocked, causing blood to pool out and build up in the surrounding areas. This can cause the legs and ankles to swell up. They can also cause blood clots which can also lead to swelling. As the legs and feet are under a lot more pressure when you’re suffering from varicose veins, this can also cause swelling to become worse.

So, if your legs and ankles are swollen and you aren’t pregnant, it could be a warning sign of varicose veins.

Restless legs

Although Restless Leg Syndrome is a stand-alone condition, it can also be brought on by venous disease. If your legs feel restless and uncomfortable, particularly at night, it could be a sign of varicose veins. However, diagnosing varicose veins based on restless leg symptoms alone can be tricky for GPs. Therefore, it could be worth visiting a vein specialist if you do suspect venous disease is behind your symptoms.

Itching or burning of the skin

A lot of patients experience an itchy or burning sensation on the skin surrounding their varicose veins. As blood builds up within the damaged blood vessels, it can start to leak through to the skin. This means oxygen to the skin is reduced, causing it to become itchy and red. If left untreated, the itching can become worse and sores can develop.

These are just a few warning signs of varicose veins to watch out for. Although they may start off as a cosmetic issue, varicose veins have the potential to cause a lot of pain and misery to patients. If you think you’re suffering from varicose veins, book a consultation with a vein specialist today