Are men risking their health due to embarrassment of seeking varicose vein treatment?

A recent story published in the Mirror has highlighted the stigma which still exists for men regarding varicose veins. An ex-marine has opened up about his embarrassment to seek treatment for varicose veins while he was actively serving with the troops.

Roderic Yapp put off seeking treatment despite the health risks they posed. If injured, the marine worried he could bleed out from his varicose veins but couldn’t justify taking the time off to seek treatment for a cosmetic issue.

So, are men risking their health due to the embarrassment of seeking varicose vein treatment? Here we’ll look at why so many men still avoid seeking treatment for varicose vein related issues.

What causes men to feel embarrassed over varicose veins?

One of the main reasons a lot of men feel embarrassed to seek treatment for varicose veins is because it’s often talked about as a women’s issue. However, research has discovered that the condition actually affects around 56% of men in Britain. So, it’s far from a women’s only issue.

More education needs to be provided to show men that it is a common and very treatable condition. Just like cosmetic surgery is becoming more acceptable for men, so too should varicose vein treatment.

The importance of seeking treatment

Another reason many men don’t seek treatment for varicose veins is that they feel it’s a purely cosmetic issue. However, if left untreated, varicose veins usually worsen over time. They can lead to a lot of nasty health problems, including potentially deadly blood clots.

So, varicose veins are far from a cosmetic only issue. That’s why it is so important to seek treatment as early as possible. The quicker you get them treated, the sooner they can be eliminated.

Lots of effective treatments now available

There are so many varicose vein treatments available today and many use non-invasive techniques. In fact, if you only have mild varicose veins, it’s possible to get them treated in your lunch break, returning to work right afterwards.

So, if you’re a man suffering from varicose veins, know that you certainly aren’t alone. Seeking treatment now could spare you a lot of health complications and embarrassment in the future. Call 01872 308 520 to find out more.