varicose veins and depression

The Link Between Varicose Veins and Depression

Varicose veins are known to lead to numerous physical health issues. However, did you know they can also cause emotional turmoil too?

Several studies have revealed a link between varicose veins and depression. So, how do the two conditions interlink? Below, you’ll discover why many patients also develop depression and other mental health symptoms.

Do varicose veins cause depression?

According to results from several studies, varicose veins can lead to depression in patients. Quality of life surveys have shown that those who suffer from varicose veins without the presence of ulcers have a quality of life score similar to patients who have suffered a hip fracture, stroke or heart attack. When there’s also the presence of ulcers, the scores drop to mirror those who have congestive heart failure.

This shows that varicose veins are far from just a cosmetic issue. The impact they can have on a patient’s life can be dramatic. Many sufferers also avoid social situations, particularly in the summer, due to their unsightly veins.

The level of depression also depends upon the severity of the varicose veins. While some produce no symptoms, others can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Those who experience more negative side effects are therefore more susceptible to develop depression than those with no negative side effects.

Treatment shown to reduce the symptoms

The good news is, studies have also shown that patients who seek treatment for their varicose veins see an improvement in their quality of life. In many cases, the depressive symptoms ease completely once treatment has been sought.

There are lots of different varicose vein treatments available today. Many of these are also non- or minimally invasive. The earlier treatment is sought, the less invasive the treatment will need to be. Call 01872 308 520 to book a consultation today at the Cornwall Vein Clinic and discover which treatment is right for you.