varicose vein treatment timing

Knowing when is the right time to treat varicose veins

Do you suffer from varicose veins? Often considered a merely cosmetic issue, it’s common for patients to hold off seeking treatment. However, what many don’t realise is that varicose veins often become worse if they aren’t treated. For many men and women, venous disease will continue to progress over time, often leading to unpleasant symptoms.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most common varicose vein symptoms that could be telling you it’s time to seek advice from a varicose vein specialist.

There is a change in the aesthetics of the leg

One of the key signs it’s time to treat your varicose veins is if you start to notice aesthetic changes to the veins and/or leg. It could be that the veins have started to bulge out more, the colour of the surrounding skin has changed, or the skin may have become cracked and dry.

Any changes in the appearance of the veins or the skin should be looked into. So, keep an eye on the aesthetics and seek treatment if things do start to change.

Your legs are becoming tired and sore

Many people mistakenly think that varicose veins are just a cosmetic issue. However, they can become painful. You may find your legs start to ache and feel sore after walking. You may also notice they become a lot more tired over time.

If varicose veins are causing you any discomfort, that alone is a sign that they need to be treated.

Development of ulcers

One of the more serious complications to watch out for is the development of ulcers. These tend to occur during the more advanced stages of the condition. You’ll find they most commonly develop around the ankles and they take a long time to heal. Once you start to develop them, you’ll also find they re-occur frequently too.

These are just some of the signs it’s time to treat those varicose veins. However, even with no symptoms, it’s still important to seek treatment. This is because venous disease worsens if it isn’t treated. So, while you may not have any current symptoms, if you leave it too long, you’ll start to develop them.

There are so many great treatment options available these days, so why put up with varicose veins when they can be easily eliminated? Book a consultation today at Cornwall Vein Clinic and discover which treatment option would work best for you. Call 01872 308 520 to book an appointment.