varicose vein treatment recovery

What is the recovery like after varicose vein treatment?

If you have been told you need to undergo varicose vein treatment, it’s common to wonder what the recovery process will involve. While your recovery will largely depend upon the procedure you undergo, the majority of treatments we offer at the Cornwall Vein Clinic offer a quick and painless recovery.

Here you’ll discover more about the recovery process after varicose vein treatment and what you can expect.

How long does it take to recover from varicose vein treatment?

The exact recovery time will depend upon the type of varicose vein treatment you have undergone. If you are having EVLA treatment, patients usually find they can return to work within approximately three days. If you are having the veins stripped, on the other hand, you can expect to experience issues with mobility for up to 28 days.

The less invasive the treatment, the shorter the recovery will be. You will be told what to expect in terms of recovery timeline when you attend your consultation.

Will I need pain relief?

After treatment, it’s common to experience a little pain and discomfort. Any bruising and swelling should resolve within one to two weeks. If you do experience pain and discomfort, you can take 400mg of Ibuprofen every 6-8 hours. Alternatively, you could take Tylenol, around 500mg every 12 hours.

If pain medication isn’t helping, you should contact the surgeon for assistance.

How long do I need to wait before I can exercise?

Typically, you won’t have to wait too long to return to normal activities. You’ll be able to start exercising within 7 to 10 days. Ideally, you should avoid lifting anything heavier than 20lbs until this period too. You can partake in a modified workout program, though it is best to consult the surgeon who will advise you on what exercises you can do, and when you can do them.

What can I expect from the recovery?

There are a few things you can expect to experience throughout the recovery. For example, you may feel a tight sensation along the treated vein. This will resolve itself over time and it is completely normal. You may also notice inflammation and tender, hardened knots in the treated area. Your surgeon will discuss the side effects and what to expect during your consultation.

One of the common misconceptions regarding varicose vein treatment is that it is painful, and recovery can be lengthy, but new techniques and developments in technology means it is now usually fast and relatively pain-free. Call us on 01872 308 520 to discuss your treatment options at the Cornwall Vein Clinic.