benefits of compression stockings after varicose vein removal

New Study Reviews Effectiveness of Compression Garments After Varicose Vein Removal

A new study has looked into the effectiveness of compression garments after varicose vein removal. Commonly worn by patients, particularly with mild venous disease, compression garments are widely considered beneficial.

So, what did this new study find and are compression garments effective after varicose vein removal?

Understanding the study

The new randomised controlled trial was carried out by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. It revealed that patient reported outcomes after undergoing radiofrequency ablation, was no better with compression support than it was without it.

The trouble with this new study is that it focuses on simple truncal ablation without phlebectomies. Most are actually carried out with phlebectomies simultaneously, or at least with thread vein injections. In these cases, compression garments can aid in recovery as they can improve comfort and reduce visible bruising. They can also prevent bleeding after undergoing phlebectomies.

So, while the new study showed no real improvement in those who wore compression garments, it was a limited study focusing on one type of treatment.

What are compression garments?

Also known as compression stockings, compression garments are basically a type of elastic hosiery. They are worn on the legs, helping to promote good circulation and preventing numerous health conditions.

They are designed to produce consistent pressure, helping the valves of the veins to function better. You will usually be advised to wear them to make the legs more comfortable before and after undergoing varicose vein treatment.

Should I wear them?

If your varicose vein specialist has advised you to wear compression stockings, then you absolutely should wear them. While they aren’t going to necessarily improve the outcome of the treatment, they can make the legs much more comfortable. They are mostly used as a form of relief, rather than as a treatment option by themselves.

So, while this new study may show compression garments don’t always help to improve the outcome, they do still have their benefits. In fact, they can work wonders for eliminating pain and discomfort.