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Is Yoga Good For Varicose Veins?

When you suffer with varicose veins, gentle exercise is recommended to get the circulation pumping. However, not all types of exercises are suitable for those suffering with the condition. One type of exercise which could be good for varicose veins is yoga. Renowned for its physical and mental health benefits, yoga is a gentle yet […]

Looking After Your Veins When Working From Home

Working from home can deliver a lot of great benefits. However, it can also lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. When you aren’t as active, you are more susceptible to a number of health conditions, including varicose veins. While largely viewed as a cosmetic concern, varicose veins can prove harmful to your health if left […]

5 Hidden Dangers of Untreated Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are largely viewed as a cosmetic-only issue. However, did you know if left untreated, they can potentially be dangerous to your health? Here are 5 hidden dangers of untreated varicose veins. 1. Venous ulcers Over time, varicose veins can lead to the development of venous ulcers. This is because the condition causes changes […]

Early Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers Leads to Better Outcomes, Study Finds

A new study published within JAMA Surgery, has revealed early treatment for venous leg ulcers results in better outcomes. Approximately 1 in every 300 adults in the UK suffer with venous leg ulcers. They are more prevalent in those with varicose veins and can be quite painful for patients to live with. Here, we’ll look […]

Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Treat Varicose Veins

For those living with varicose veins, it can be an embarrassing and frustrating condition. Many sufferers feel so self-conscious over their bulging veins, that it affects their day to day life. Some may avoid wearing certain types of clothing for example or avoid activities such as swimming. If you’ve been suffering with varicose veins, autumn […]

5 Myths About Varicose Veins You Shouldn’t Believe

Varicose veins are one of the most common, yet surprisingly misunderstood conditions. There are a lot of myths surrounding the condition and how it should be treated. Here, you’ll discover 5 myths about varicose veins you shouldn’t believe. Varicose veins are just cosmetic This is potentially the most dangerous myth in circulation. Varicose veins have […]

New Study Reviews Effectiveness of Compression Garments After Varicose Vein Removal

A new study has looked into the effectiveness of compression garments after varicose vein removal. Commonly worn by patients, particularly with mild venous disease, compression garments are widely considered beneficial. So, what did this new study find and are compression garments effective after varicose vein removal? Understanding the study The new randomised controlled trial was […]

Why Do Some Varicose Veins Reoccur After Treatment?

Your varicose veins may have been troubling you for many years and, once you’ve made the decision to go ahead with treatment, the hope is that they will be permanently removed. However, for some patients, varicose veins can reoccur, and estimates vary as to how many people may be affected. Causes of recurrent varicose veins […]

Cycling and Varicose Veins

In a bid to fight obesity, the UK government is encouraging more people to cycle to work. The recent coronavirus pandemic has also led to an increase in cyclists, as people look for safer, alternative transport. While cycling can do wonders for the body, it has been linked to the development of varicose veins for […]