The Cornwall Vein Clinic was formed by Mr Kenneth R Woodburn MD FRCSG(gen). Mr Woodburn trained as a specialist Vascular Surgeon in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Sydney, and was an NHS Consultant Vascular Surgeon in Cornwall for 20 years.

As one of the first surgeons in the UK to introduce endovascular surgery (keyhole arterial surgery) to routine NHS practice, he has been providing an endovascular surgical practice in Cornwall since 1998. In conjunction with his NHS Consultant Vascular Surgical colleagues, he has also provided an endovenous surgical service to the local NHS since 2006. Mr Woodburn has now treated well over 2000 patients with endothermal ablation( VNUS Closure™, endovenous laser therapy (EVLA)) and other ambulatory treatments for varicose veins, and was involved in training and demonstrating these techniques at the annual Charing Cross international symposium.

The Cornwall Vein Clinic was established by Mr Woodburn to provide access to these ‘state-of-the-art’ minimally-invasive treatments for all patients who are likely to benefit from them. The Cornwall Vein Clinic aims to provide this high quality, comprehensive endovenous service at a significantly lower cost than most clinics elsewhere in the UK.