“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent treatment you gave me in respect of the problem I had with the veins in my left leg. I am pleased to report that there was no post-op discomfort whatsoever, there was minimal bruising which had mostly disappeared after a week and the small wounds have healed up very well. I have no more discomfort in the limb caused by the varicose veins and am able, for once in a very long time, to sleep without the pain that they gave me over many years.

Once again, my grateful thanks to you and your skills for a job well done.”

R.L. VNUS treatment 2016

“I recently had Radiofrequency Ablation and Sclerotherapy to treat my varicose veins. I am amazed at the results and aside from being free from discomfort, cosmetically they are barely noticeable and in some cases all traces removed. I would 100% recommend Mr Woodburn for this treatment. Before, during and after the procedure everything was explained and I felt at ease at all times. Thank you”

C.S. VNUS treatment, 2015

“I have had my veins stripped more than once in my right leg and once on my left leg so I feel that I am justified in telling all who wish to know that the procedure Mr K Woodburn performed was a much better alternative than having my veins stripped the old fashioned way:

No pain on standing up
No pain when standing still
No cutting in the groin so no infection to worry about

I was given two support black stockings that go high up on the thigh to the groin, I washed one every day so I felt confident that I had support on my leg and I was driving within 4 days of the procedure and I was able to go shopping and would say that within 48 hours I could do most things I wanted except swim

I would recommend you put on a pair of black leggings a size larger than you would normally wear to get you home

Will be recommending this procedure to all who need a vein operation much better than having them stripped”

 A.D. VNUS treatment with phlebectomies 2015