The following sites provide health-related information on a variety of topics that may be of interest.

Nutritionist Resource – a resource website that can be used to find a nutritionist in your area. It also contains useful information on weight loss and nutritional modification in the management of some medical conditions.

Female Health Issue – a public interest site focused on women’s health problems.

Vascular Society – the professional society for UK vascular surgeons, with information on arterial and venous disease.

NHS – NHS choices website covering most health-related issues.

Health Talk Online – an award-winning charity website with information about conditions, treatment choices and support.

Patient – has detailed information about all aspects of medical conditions, complete with pictures and diagrams.

Daylong – is a resource where members of the public can buy their own compression stockings for varicose veins and limb swelling. Cornwall Vein Clinic strongly advises that individuals purchasing compression stockings seek advice from an appropriately qualified health professional to confirm their suitability for compression therapy beforehand.