Patients with private health insurance will find that most of their treatment costs are covered in part or in full (depending on their policy terms) by their insurance company. Patients who are insured with BUPA should check carefully with their insurer before proceeding to treatment as this insurer does not always cover the full cost of the surgeons fees charged by the Cornwall Vein Clinic. For patients who are paying for their own treatment it is our aim to provide the treatment methods and quality available at the top London private clinics, but at a cost that is significantly lower!

The services of the Cornwall Vein Clinic are also available to patients who are eligible for NHS treatment of their varicose veins through a limited number of ‘choose and book’ slots provided at the Duchy Hospital, Truro. Your General Practitioner will be able to book you an appointment for NHS treatment using this system; if you meet the current criteria for NHS treatment of varicose veins that have been agreed by your local health service commissioners.